The Minimalist Story

10422310_750515051650644_8899683610869437373_n So you may or may not know this but everything in your closet has a story. Either you bought the item while travelling, or it was a gift, or it was payday and you felt liking blowing it all, whatever it is, it has story. The story to this dress? I’m new to Sydney and found myself in Parramatta for a blog shoot, and on my way home I bumped into a boutique that was having a sale. After picking through a ton of bright colored garments I bumped into this little beauty and fell in love. And let’s just say trying it on and looking in the mirror made me say “Yes” and “I do” all at once. Its minimalism at its best.This designer is a genius. I’ve always been one for mixing prints, fabrics, colors, layering, but lately I’m enjoying the effortless, Parisian chic of minimalism. You should try it.

10153728_750514951650654_2345059055702242584_n 10385496_750515304983952_2853491363893243972_n This dress gave me the opportunity to FINALLY wear my Latin Marc by Marc Jacob rings (the really thin rings) from the NYC Book Marc store after having them in my closet for over a year. The other two rings were a gift ( from an awesome friend). I like them because they’re not gold or silver (love that trend) so they go with practically anything.10710949_750515341650615_6046637637998471757_n10704171_750515271650622_8426769542026174284_n 10407086_750515208317295_2150664509089051048_n  Adding the white blazer to the dark blue dress gave it a slight nautical touch, which I liked because summer isn’t too far way.